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The NSW Fire Brigades Retirees Association Incorporated, is a voluntary association which aims to provide members with useful information, keep members advised of upcoming events, send offs, dinners and functions and maintains the comradeship and friendships formed during service with NSW Fire Brigades. Depending on privacy considerations it may be possible to help members keep in touch with or contact former comrades. The association is open to any retired member of NSW Fire Brigades both operational and administrative and includes wives and husbands. It costs nothing to join the Association, just write, call or email and give us your details or complete the Membership Form on line.

News Flashes!

NSWFB Golf Club game flyer for upcoming game at Cronulla Golf Club Monday 4th June 2018. Please note all FRNSW staff, friends and family are invited to play any or all of the Golf Clubs games. Any questions please contact me (Glenn) on 0407 516252 or at 68 Stn Narrabeen on C Platoon, or Greg Flynn on 0404885675 or at 47 Stn Reversby on B Platoon, or Gav Nagle on 0407 233127 or 36 Stn Crows Nest on C Platoon. Flyer

ickets still available for the Rotary Emergency Service Community Awards ( RESCA ) Invitation to attend the Awards Ceremony 1 June 2018 Bankstown Sports Club. Media Release. Invitation.


The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Retained Firefighter Robert Francis McILWAINE formerly of 66 Station Rhodes. Robert served from 15/12/71 to 30/11/78. Robert was the younger brother of Rhodes Captain Greg Mcilwaine.  Funeral


The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Superintendent 3742 Jon LANGSHAW formerly of Zone South 6, on Wednesday 23 May 2018. Jonís son, Senior Firefighter Christopher Langshaw, is a serving Firefighter attached to No. 94 Station, Kellyville ĎCí Platoon. Funeral details to be advised.

Latest In-Orders 18/10


Rugby league Curtain Raiser FRNSW V Navy followed by Sea Eagles v Cowboys. Special $15 ticket offer to Emergency Servies Thursday May 31st. Details

Michael Cahill, (who was Retired Commissioner Greg Mullins driver,) is currently suffering a serious illness. Michael is in St George public hospital and has asked that there be no visitors at this time. For further information please contact Superintendent Trent Lawrence 0417 244 534 

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Fire Fighter 7162 Dave EDWARDS formerly of 228 Station Berkeley Vale, on Wednesday 09 May 2018. Funeral

Notice for FRNSW women's rugby league team. Notice

The Commissioner regrets to advise the passing of Retired Senior Firefighter 3217 Peter James SIMPSON, formerly of No. 1 Station, Headquarters and No. 76 Station, Bondi, on Friday 11 May 2018. Senior Firefighter Simpson was the recipient of the NSW Fire Brigades Medal For Conspicuous Bravery. Funeral

The next Friday Firies at Toongabbie Sports Club is on 25th May. Attached is a Flyer with the dates for the rest of the year and contact numbers for enquiries.

The next Communications Luncheon is on Friday, 29th June 2018 1130hrs for 1200hrs at The Garden Buffet, Crown Casino, Sydney. Everyone associated with Comms is welcome including wives/partners. No need to book, just turn up. Any queries contact Sid McDonald on 9660 5026.

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Captain 382005 Donald Richard WEBB (Don) formerly of 382 Station Morpeth on Friday 11th May 2018. Don served from 15/4/77 till 4/10/13 a total of 36 years. Funeral


The 3rd Annual E District reunion is being held on Wednesday 24th October 2018 at Club Redfern (Redfern RSL) from 12noon onwards. All welcome (donít have to be ex E District). Ask to join the Facebook group NSWFB E District Reunion for more details or contact Paul (Demi) Roussis on 0434813131.

Message from 5876 Station Officer Robert EARL (Retired) :
Out of hospital & on the mend. I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and gratitude to the many messages, phone calls and visits from Brigade members past and present. The encouragement and support was very much appreciated during my 15 days in hospital , 9 of which were in ICU , and shows firies really look after their own. The situation was triggered by a suspected stomach virus which caused severe gastric and eventually vomiting. Being an idiot, I refused my wifeís plea to go to hospital the following day, thinking I could ride out a 24hr stomach bug . The following day she took me to hospital in a pretty bad way and we were told I had suffered toxic shock and was well on the way to being septic through acute kidney failure. Within hours of admission I was in the Intensive Care Unit with a myriad of drips going in and catheters coming out. The vomiting had ceased on arrival but unfortunately for the nurses the gastric continued for about 4 days, quite humiliating and embarrassing, but the nurses were unbelievably understanding and tolerant, definitely should be paid more money . I had a cannula from my thigh through a vein to my kidneyís for dialysis but my blood was so dirty the machine kept clotting, the other cannula went from my bicep to my heart, so it was all pretty serious. Anyway, to cut this long story short, my kidneys eventually started to respond, with no need for any ongoing dialysis or long term kidney damage, I had 5 days in a ward under obs and getting temperatures and blood cell counts stable and then was allowed home. How wonderful home is ! So thanks again for the well wishes and special thanks to Bruce Johnson who posted reports on the retirees web site. PS Specialists donít think this episode was related to the cancer which is good. Thanks, Rob Earl.

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Retained John (Jack) WILD formerly of Henty Fire Brigade on Wednesday 9th May 2018.  Funeral

Update on Captain Chris Brosolo of 209 station Albury Civic who was involved in a serious MVA on Sunday afternoon. Captain Brosolo is receiving treatment in hospital and is very grateful for the many enquiries about his health & welfare. No visitors are requested at this time. For further information please contact Superintendent Stewart Alexander 0417 651 826

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Fire Fighter 7162 Dave EDWARDS formerly of 228 Station Berkeley Vale, on Wednesday 09 May 2018. Funeral details to be advised when they become available.


Update Funeral tomorrow: The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retained Firefighter 905148 Nathan CONAGHAN formerly of 105 Station Kelso.  Funeral

Central Coast Retirees BBQ. Tuesday 3rd July 2018.
At Hamlyn Terrace Fire Station.
Central Coast Retirees Christmas BBQ. Tuesday 4th December 2018. At Bateau Bay Fire Station. Details

Latest FireFit Newsletter 2018 issue 03

Message from SO Nic Short:-
As of 0800 hrs Friday 11/05/2018 I will be medically retired from FRNSW. To say I have had a great time in 29 yrs is an understatement. I have worked in a few different sections in that time and met some great people, all who have given me assistance whenever I have asked for it. To those remaining members of class 4/89 it's been a hoot !! To the permanent crews I have worked with thanks for your assistance in making me look/feel competent. I will miss all of you and the job immensely. Finally I wish everybody, Good health, Good fortune and Good luck. Cheers, Shorty 6913 SO Nic Short JP, Station Commander "B". 7 Stn Horningsea Pk

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Station Officer 3915 Ross FERGUSSON formerly of 428 Queanbeyan fire station from 1987 to 1999. Funeral details to be advised.

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Station Officer 5107 Albert CLIFFORD formerly of 27 D Platoon, on Saturday 24th March 2018. Albert passed away while living overseas and has only just been returned to Australia. Funeral

Dragons v Storm 2018 Emergency Services Cup (Ticket/Membership Offer) Details


Alan Hitchell visited Tony Hayman and his wife last week and took some photos which he generously shares with us here.
Photo Gallery Tony wished to say hello to his many friends. Tony Hayman joined the Brigade during the world war 2 as a reserve firefighter. At the end of the war he transferred to the Volunteers then later joined the permanent Brigade and retired as a Station Officer over 30 years ago. He also served on the NSWFBR Committee and is a Life Member. Tony and Betty moved to Oberon on the instructions from his eldest daughter so she could keep a eye on them. Tony and Betty are bright and enjoying life, Tony is 93 Betty 90 and this year they celebrated their 73 wedding anniversary, Tony is happy to tell every one he is on no medication or pills he just needs his walker at 93. He still remembers the Fire Brigade fondly and the many friends he made over the years, After family the Brigade is his second love. It was a absolute pleasure to spend a little time with Tony and Betty. Regards, Alan Hitchell.

Message of thanks from Bryan Booker: From Bruce Johnson - Bryan Booker rang me this morning , he is sounding like his usual self and fells well . During his time at Hospital he received numerous calls wishing him well and a quick recovery. He has asked if we could place a message on the Website offering his thanks to all the people who made contact with him. He also indicated he would still appreciate further contacts while he is recovering at home. Telephone contact No. - 9747-2582  Regards Bruce .


The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Firefighter and Mechanic Frederick William HARDES formally of 484 Wallsend and Mechanic Workshops, on Saturday 22 April 2018. A private funeral will be held for family member only. For further details please contact Bob Tate 0417 686 230.


Last minute changes to the FRNSW Rugby League Club Chris Fuller Cup:
The Chris Fuller Cup has now been reduced to 1 game. The game is played between FRNSW and NSW Correctional Services and will be on the 27th June 7pm @ McCredie Park Guilford. FRNSW rugby league club are looking for players to play in the Opens, Masters over 35ís and the Womenís teams. Details


The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Firefighter (2239) Clifford Leslie ANDERSON formerly of 10 Station Redfern 001 Station City of Sydney and 54 Station Cronulla on 20th April 2018. Les joined the Fire Brigade on 11th Jan 1957.

The Museum of Fire needs your assistance. Please see the attached flyer for details on how you can help.

Permanent Messages

Another report on the problem with old type Foam.

The Museum of Fire
is requesting your assistance. Please see attached flyer on how you can help.

Latest PFAS information
supplied by Chief Superintendent Dave Felton AFSM.
1. Information Sheet - PFAS Questions & Answers
2. Information Sheet Firefighting Foam and PFAS
3. Timeline - FRNSW Historical Use of PFAS Containing Firefighting Foam

Email from Garry Malpass. To come straight to the point. I was hoping I could get a message across to the members who retired medically unfit regarding rehab providers and insurance companies. The background is, that once you go out on workers comp the insurers will send you to a rehab provider so they can return you to work in suitable employment with a new employer. Under the workcover act you have the right to choose your own rehab provider. Therefore the crunch of the matter is, I can put them in contact with a really good rehab provider if they wish. So if any members are interested they can email me and I will give them the details. Thanks Garry Malpass.

Letter From Roger Bucholtz Re: Defined Benefit Income. Letter

The FRNSW Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.  These medals are not automatically issued to existing retirees. If you qualify you must submit a Request To Be Recognised For Long Service And Good Conduct Award form.  Form

I'd just like to remind members that if they have any old photos, or stories, they wish to publish on the web.  You can either download the photos yourself by making an account on the photo application, or, if that is too daunting, you can attach them to an email, or post them to me on a cd and I will place them on the web.  If you make an account on the photo application, please email me so I can authorise it!  Also, if you provide some info on the photographs I will add that too!     Barry Fiddler.

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