NSWFB Long Service & Good Conduct Medal.

The Commissioner has established the NSWFB Long Service and Good Conduct Medal which recognises diligent long service and good conduct by members of the NSWFB.

Particulars concerning the Medal were promulgated in In Orders 2005/1 headed NSWFB Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

A special In Order will be promulgated shortly which will list the names of all recipients.

The Medals have began to arrive from the manufacturer and are currently being checked and sorted into Regions and Directorates.

Initial award of the Medal totals approximately 3,500 recipients. Due to this large number, the Medals will be forwarded to the recipients Region/Directorate for presentation as determined by the Regional Commander/Director.

It is anticipated that the Medal will be forwarded to Regions and Directorates during the month of April 2005.

Once the initial presentation of Medals has been completed, future awards will be in the same manner as that used to present the National Medal.

Should you have any questions concerning the NSWFB Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, please do not hesitate to contact me on extension 2826.


Superintendent P X Stathis AFSM