From Steve Leshone. For those of you that worked with Ex Station Officer Les Roach, who retired from 084 station, Macquarie Fields in 2005.Les called into 084 station today to catch-up with old workmates.On Monday, Les received the results of his most recent tests and has been given the 'all clear' by his specialist; He will continue to have tests over the coming months/years to ensure that his blood remains clear of 'nasty' cells.Les still suffers from some ailments caused by the wide range of treatments that he has been receiving, however he is recovering well and looks pretty good for an old bloke.Les said to wish every-one "all the best" and mentioned that he had heard "....a District Truck was gunna be placed at 008 station, Narellan was gunna be Rescue and Picton is going 10-14 - but keep it under your hat." All the best Les,. Steve Leshone