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The NSW Fire Brigades Retirees Association Incorporated, is a voluntary association which aims to provide members with useful information, keep members advised of upcoming events, send offs, dinners and functions and maintains the comradeship and friendships formed during service with NSW Fire Brigades. Depending on privacy considerations it may be possible to help members keep in touch with or contact former comrades. The association is open to any retired member of NSW Fire Brigades both operational and administrative and includes wives and husbands. It costs nothing to join the Association, just write, call or email and give us your details or complete the Membership Form on line.
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Latest Commissioner's Orders 2023/01

Updated: The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Senior Firefighter Howard Winston ALCOTT (5151), formerly of 203 Station Albury Central. Howard joined NSW Fire Brigades on 4 April 1975 and served until his retirement on 3 November 1989. Howard served at Stanmore, Headquarters, Concord, Parramatta, Mona Vale and 203 Albury Central Fire Stations. Howard passed away at Albury Hospital on 3 January 2023. A funeral was held on 5th January 2023.

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of retired S/F Lionel
James HUDSON (4106) on 13th February, 2023. Lionel joined the NSWFB on 21/08/1969 and retired on 21/08/1992. He served at 33 Stn. Engadine, 45 Stn Miranda, 01 Stn City of Sydney and State Communication Centre. Funeral

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Station Officer Don CLINEN (1674), formerly of 06 Station Mona Vale, on Friday 13th January 2023. Don joined NSW Fire Brigades on 1st April 1955 and served until his retirement on 26th February 1988. Don served at Headquarters, Crows Nest, Narrabeen and Mona Vale Fire Stations. Funeral

Update on 3812 Retired Inspector Wayne Buxton. Wayne has been discharged from Hospital, but is still seriously ill and is currently being cared for at his Cambridge Park home. His illness at this time prevents him having visitors, but Wayne and his Wife, Anne would welcome telephone messages being left. Tel. No. (02) 4731 4528

The Association has been made aware of the passing of Retired Senior Firefighter Robert 'Bruce' SULLIVAN (5395) on Saturday 14th January 2023. Bruce joined NSW Fire Brigade on 31st March 1978 and served until his retirement on 5th October 2000. He was stationed at 27 Stn. Parramatta, 86 Stn. Penrith, 343 Stn. Katoomba and Katoomba Comms. Bruce passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his family. Funeral

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Station Officer John Hugh BAIN (1593), formerly of 051 Station Forestville. John joined NSW Fire Brigades on 30 April 1954 and served until his retirement on 21 July 1987. John served at Crows Nest, Mosman, City of Sydney, Mona Vale and Forestville Fire Stations.


The Commissioner regrets to advise of the passing of Retired Senior Firefighter Kenneth Gordan ‘darkie’ SAUNDERS (2360), formerly of Leichhardt Fire Station. Ken passed away on Sunday 8th January 2023.
Ken joined NSW Fire Brigades on 6th September 1957 and served until his retirement on 19th November 1993.
Ken served at Concord, Stanmore, Waterloo, Marrickville, Ashfield and Leichhardt fire stations.

Send off for:- 8590 Senior Firefighter Nathan Begley. 11th February 2023. Details Flyer

We have received notification that Alan Sheppard has been diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing treatment in Port Macquarie on a regular basis. He has asked us to provide his number so that anyone who wishes to ring him can. His number is 0427 745 977.

Permanent Messages

Updated email address:
Need someone to talk to? The Retiree’s Peer Support Team is a group of retired firefighters, who are there to support other firefighters when personal difficulties arise in their life. Right now, many people are experiencing further challenges caused by draught, bushfire crisis and now a worldwide pandemic. The members of retiree’s peer support are not counselors, but someone to talk to and if appropriate, guide you to professional help. All conversations are treated with confidentiality. Contact Information: Email: Website:  Duty Officer: 0477 342 750

Online Condolence Book:
With the recent sad passing of firefighters within our FRNSW family, it is fitting to honour them and reflect on their service by creating a personalised online condolence book. Details

From: Darin Sullivan:
Hi all, If you have had a cancer that may be related to firefighting but think it may be outside the current legislation that we got through parliament, please contact me for more information. Feel free to pass this and my email address on to others this may also assist. Regards, Sully

Presumptive Legislation for Firefighter Cancers
:- information from Chief Super Mick Ryan

The NSW Government today announced that it will introduce amendments to workers compensation legislation to make it easier for firefighters diagnosed with certain cancers to claim their workers compensation entitlements. The amendments reverse the onus of proof for firefighters who are diagnosed with one of 12 prescribed cancers and do not impose a limit on accessing the provision post-employment. Known as presumptive legislation, firefighters who are diagnosed from today onwards will be entitled to the amendments, subject to the passing of this legislation. These important changes will ensure our firefighters promptly receive their workers compensation entitlements. Under current legislation, firefighters are fully entitled to claim workers compensation benefits for the cancers proposed to be prescribed. However, they must establish that a listed cancer has arisen from their occupational exposure. This is often very complex and difficult, and insurers may dispute the work relatedness of the cancer and deny liability. The amendments will make it easier for eligible firefighters to claim their existing entitlements. Over the past 12 months, the NSW Government consulted with the Fire Brigade Employees Union and the Rural Fire Service Association, as well as our agency and the Rural Fire Service, in the development of these reforms. Regards, CHIEF SUPERINTENDENT DAVE FELTON AFSM, COMMISSIONER'S CHIEF OF STAFF, OFFICE OF THE COMMISSIONER. T: (02) 9265 2678 M: 0417 414 824 E: 1 Amarina Avenue, Greenacre, NSW 2190.    Previous Message

Update on the PFAS legacy issue,
published on the F+RNSW intranet. Details

Another report on the problem with old type Foam.

Latest PFAS information
supplied by Chief Superintendent Dave Felton AFSM.
1. Information Sheet - PFAS Questions & Answers
2. Information Sheet Firefighting Foam and PFAS
3. Timeline - FRNSW Historical Use of PFAS Containing Firefighting Foam

Email from Garry Malpass. To come straight to the point. I was hoping I could get a message across to the members who retired medically unfit regarding rehab providers and insurance companies. The background is, that once you go out on workers comp the insurers will send you to a rehab provider so they can return you to work in suitable employment with a new employer. Under the workcover act you have the right to choose your own rehab provider. Therefore the crunch of the matter is, I can put them in contact with a really good rehab provider if they wish. So if any members are interested they can email me and I will give them the details. Thanks Garry Malpass.

Letter From Roger Bucholtz Re: Defined Benefit Income. Letter

The FRNSW Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.  These medals are not automatically issued to existing retirees. If you qualify you must submit a Request To Be Recognised For Long Service And Good Conduct Award form.  Form

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