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The NSW Fire Brigades Retirees Association Incorporated, is a voluntary association which aims to provide members with useful information, keep members advised of upcoming events, send offs, dinners and functions and maintains the comradeship and friendships formed during service with NSW Fire Brigades. Depending on privacy considerations it may be possible to help members keep in touch with or contact former comrades. The association is open to any retired member of NSW Fire Brigades both operational and administrative and includes wives and husbands. It costs nothing to join the Association, 
just write, call or email and give us your details or complete the Membership Form on line.

Latest News!

Send Off For: 6467 Superintendent Glen Lord. Saturday, 3rd August 2024 Flyer Details 
Reminder: Hi all, A reminder that Glen's retirement function is rapidly approaching. Spots are strictly limited and are filling fast. Please pay now to reserve your spot. Looking forward to celebrating Glen's retirement in style. Thanks, Matt Wormald

Commissioner's Orders 2024/14 received.

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the sad passing of Retained Firefighter Edwin Walter EVANS formerly of Lithgow West, Edwin joined NSW Fire Brigades on 1st April 1959 and served for over 32 years at 364 Lithgow West (previously Littleton Fire Station). 

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the sad passing of retired Retained Firefighter Dallas THURLOW (521181) 
formerly of Lithgow. Dallas joined NSW Fire Brigades on 1st February 2006 and served for over 15 years at 363 Lithgow. 

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the sad passing of retired Firefighter Norman John KENTON (3425) 
formerly of Bankstown. Norman joined NSW Fire Brigades on 7 May 1965 and served for over 3 years and 7 months at various fire stations including 3 The Rocks, 01 Headquarters and 62 Bankstown.
  Funeral Tomorrow

Send Off For: Station Officer James ( Crooko) Crookston Saturday, 21st September 2024 
Flyer Details   

The next 'E' District Reunion is scheduled for Friday, 27th September 2024 at The Redfern 106 George St Redfern for midday onwards. This event is open to all ex firefighters and firefighters and is not exclusive to E District members. Come along and enjoy an afternoon with old mates and taller stories. 7 months to reserve the day so let all your mates know it’s on again. Any enquiries please contact Paul (Demi) Roussis on 0434 813 131 or join our facebook group NSWFB E District Reunion for updated information. Kind regards Demi.

The Retirees Association has been made aware of the recent passing of retired Station Officer Gary Peter "Freddo" FREDERICKSON (3593). Gary joined the NSWFB on 13/05/1966 and he retired on 01/09/2005 from #320 Station Hamilton. A celebration of Gary's life was held on Thursday 27/06/2024.

Date for your diary:- NSWFB Retirees Annual Luncheon Wednesday 16th October 2024. F
urther information will be given in the near future,

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the sad passing of retired Senior Firefighter Kenneth (Lofty) John HILL (3499) formerly of Randwick. Kenneth joined NSW Fire Brigades on 24th September 1965 and served for 31 years at various fire stations including 3 The Rocks, 11 Woollahra and 39 Randwick.  Funeral

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the sad passing of retired Inspector Kenneth Sydney MCDONALD (3286) formerly of Zone West 6 (WR6). Ken joined NSW Fire Brigades on 19 June 1964 and served for 40 years at various fire stations including Headquarters (COS), 15 Burwood and the former 7 Station Stanmore. Funeral details to follow.  Funeral

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the sad passing of retired Senior Firefighter David John STEVENSON (6813) formerly of Hornindsea Park. Paul joined NSW Fire Brigades on 11th March 1988 and served for 21 years at various fire stations including 22 Leichhardt, 8 Liverpool and 7 Horningsea Park.  Funeral

From Alan Hitchell Re- Parramatta BBQ: For over 20 years Parramatta Fire Stn. has supported retired firefighters with a station bar-b-q in November . This year 2024 we will be supported by " D " plt. Thursday 7th November. 11am.  Retired Firefighters we need your attendance and support to keep this long tradition running. Join old mates and celebrate friendships made over the years serving as a NSW FIREFIGHTER. Alan Hitchell J.P. SSAPS 
61 02 96285675  M: 0414 477 467 

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Gary "Freddo" FREDERICKSON (3593), formerly of Hamilton Station, please contact Ray Kelly on 0458 687 765

The Retirees Association has been advised of the passing on 3rd July, 2024 of retired Inspector Paul DRAYTON (4467). Paul joined the NSWFB on 19/02/1971 and retired on 14/09/2004.  Funeral

Message from John Davis: Hi All, After many enquiries I tracked down Bob Morgan to a nursing home at Peakhurst and visited him today. I had visited Bob and Wilma last year in a retirement village at Peakhurst and at that time it was obvious that Bob had Alzheimer's in early stages. He and Wilma were very pleased to see me and Bob kept asking me how I got his address. I was on shift with Bob at Darlinghurst from 1966 and had kept in touch with him throughout my career. Bob now has advanced Alzheimer’s and is not at all well, he does not recognise people, nor is he able to converse. Wilma his wife has passed away, I think last year. I have been able to call his daughter Sue and told her I would have an update on his condition sent out to other retirees. Talking with Sue she feels there is no point anyone visits him. Regards, John Davis

Reminder From Paul Cullen:
OK folks, this year's Comms 'B' long lunches are:  Fri July 5th the Helm Bar Darling Harbour & Tues, November 26th the Zetland Hotel Green Square, do ya best & spread the word, cheers Cullo. 

The Association has been advised that retired Inspector Kenny RODGER (2042) has been admitted to Royal North Shore Hospital and is not allowed visitors at this time. Contact Ray Kelly on 0458 687 765 for further information.

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the sad passing of retired Retained Firefighter Harry VAN DER VENNE (240014) formerly of 240 Station-Brunswick Heads. Harry joined Fire Rescue NSW on 15th April 1986 and served for 16 years at 240-Brunswick Heads. Funeral

Another Report from Fire News Editor Kernin Lambert of the Miranda 4th Alarm Multiple Houses Alight 29 Clifford Road Miranda Tuesday 26th December 2023 also placed in Fire Rescue News Articles. 

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the sad passing of Senior Firefighter Stefan WATSON (901751) formerly of Mount Druitt. Stefan joined Fire Rescue NSW on 28th February 2012 and served for 12 years at various fire stations including 43 Seven Hills, 97 Huntingwood and 32 Mount Druitt. Funeral

The Commissioner regrets to advise of the sad passing of retired Retained firefighter Bruce GARRARD (240021) on 13th June 2024. Bruce joined NSW Fire Brigades on 15th April 1990 and retired on 1st March 2011, serving at 240 Brunswick Heads Fire Station. Bruce served with New South Wales Fire Brigades for 21 years. Funeral details will be announced once available. 

We have received information of the passing of 4487 Senior Firefighter Barry Michael O’Brien on the 8th June 2024 at his home in Burnett Heads QLD at the age of 77. Barry joined NSWFB's on 19/03/1971 and retired on 6/11/2003. Barry served at many stations over the years including some time at headquarters and in human resources. His last  Station was 47 Revesby. The funeral is to be live streamed tomorrow 18th June 2024 on the following link. 

Permanent Messages

From National Emergency Worker Support Service | Black Dog Institute:
Good afternoon NSWFB Retirees Secretary, I am an Implementation Practice Manager at Black Dog Institute, working on the National Emergency Worker Support Service (NEWSS). NEWSS is a free, confidential mental health support for emergency service workers – both active and retired. Details

Workplace illness Claims including cancer - update from Darin Sullivan:
Retirees are still advised to contact FRNSW Health and Safety Branch, as well as an experienced Solicitor, to ensure they receive support and guidance for workplace illness claims, including cancer related illnesses. Masselos and Co are still the FBEU preferred/suggested solicitors as the most experienced in these matters. Contacting the FBEU directly may still be of some benefit if having trouble navigating these difficult issues. - Darin Sullivan, Former FBEU President. 

The NSWFB Retirees’ Executive Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of current serving FRNSW Inspector, Kernin Lambert as Fire News Editor. This position on our website has been vacant for some time. Kernin has been a Member of the NSWFB / FRNSW for twenty-seven years and is currently a Deputy Commander at Metropolitan West 1, C Platoon, Western Sydney. Since joining the fire service Kernin has always had a strong desire to contribute to the improvement of operations by studying and learning from operational incidents of an unusual, complex or significant nature. His knowledge, coupled with an enormous insight into all aspects of Fire Service operations Statewide, enables him to produce comprehensive operational submissions. Kernin sent his first article to Fire News in 1997 and in 2000 the Commissioner generously allowed him to write an insert in Fire News known as Fire Operations Journal. Over the years this publication has come and gone a number of times due to changes in editorial direction. However, he never stopped believing in the importance of learning and sharing from operational incidents. 
Kernin’s aims have always been to improve fire fighter safety and the effectiveness of operations. This is particularly important as the materials involved in building construction are constantly changing. Some important examples include insulated sandwich paneling, combustible external cladding, tilt slab buildings and now we are seeing a wave of fires due to lithium-ion batteries, not to mention the always present dangers of bush fires. Congratulations Kernin on this very important appointment of Fire News Editor. We are looking forward very much to reading, viewing and enjoying your Fire News reports, the first of which is already on our website – Port Kembla Ethanol Storage Tank fire. Regards, 
Bill Powell AFSM President

Further EAP provider information for retired members
The Association has received from FRNSW Retirees' Peer Support Officer, retired Superintendent Chris Jurgeit, the following new document recently published by FRNSW about Transitioning into Retirement. It contains great information both for staff contemplating retirement/separation and for those who have already made the move. Chris states - Two important points will be added at the next review of the document, however they are pertinent now ie 
- Page 10 (Section 4) - Under EAP that the service is now also available to staff who have left FRNSW (up to 5 years post leaving) - so they can continue to get support for their transition out of FRNSW after they have officially left
- Page 16 - All staff have access to 6 free sessions with a financial counsellor per year (through EAP "Money Assist" program) - this could be useful for those planning to transition away from FRNSW. Various sections of this document are both applicable and helpful to current retired firefighters. For example, Section 4 - Well Being, Section 6 - Volunteering, Section 7 - Know Your Finances and Page 21 - Check List. For information or questions, please contact the FRNSW Retirees' Peer Support Duty Officer 0477 342 750
Bill Powell AFSM President NSWFB Retirees Association

Senior Fire Fighter George Lloyd, under the guidance of Superintendent Peter Stathis, (now retired), and Superintendent Greg Houston have assembled a  NSW Fire & Rescue Ceremonial Team. This team currently comprises twenty four Members who volunteer their time to represent FRNSW at funerals, as well as Anzac Day and Graduation ceremonies. Protocol procedures play out an important role in the Brigade’s future. Over the past two years the Ceremonial Team has attended a number of funerals for both retired and currently serving Members. Please find attached a short video of the Ceremonial Team at the funeral of Bruce Johnson. If any NSW retired fire fighters or their family would like to have the Ceremonial Team participate in a service, please contact the President, Bill Powell at 

Updated email address:
Need someone to talk to? The Retiree’s Peer Support Team is a group of retired firefighters, who are there to support other firefighters when personal difficulties arise in their life. Right now, many people are experiencing further challenges caused by draught, bushfire crisis and now a worldwide pandemic. The members of retiree’s peer support are not counselors, but someone to talk to and if appropriate, guide you to professional help. All conversations are treated with confidentiality. Contact Information: Email: Website:  Duty Officer: 0477 342 750

Online Condolence Book:
With the recent sad passing of firefighters within our FRNSW family, it is fitting to honour them and reflect on their service by creating a personalised online condolence book. Details

From: Darin Sullivan:
Hi all, If you have had a cancer that may be related to firefighting but think it may be outside the current legislation that we got through parliament, please contact me for more information. Feel free to pass this and my email address on to others this may also assist. Regards, Sully

Another report on the problem with old type Foam.

Latest PFAS information
supplied by Chief Superintendent Dave Felton AFSM.
1. Information Sheet - PFAS Questions & Answers
2. Information Sheet Firefighting Foam and PFAS
3. Timeline - FRNSW Historical Use of PFAS Containing Firefighting Foam

Letter From Roger Bucholtz Re: Defined Benefit Income. Letter

The FRNSW Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.  These medals are not automatically issued to existing retirees. If you qualify you must submit a Request To Be Recognised For Long Service And Good Conduct Award form.  Form

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