Subject: Watchroom Sparring session

Hi Barry,

I thought your readers would get a "kick" out of this true story.
Back in 1982, I was a 3rd class or 4th class or no class firefighter at
Pyrmont Fire Station where Dave Gardner was my Station Officer. At this
time, I was in training for an upcoming semi professional kickboxing
fight against a Queensland cruiserweight. I believed I was pretty fit
and confident of a victory, that is until Dave Gardner and I decided to
have a sparring session in the Pyrmont Fire Station Watchroom.. Before I
threw anything, Dave promptly kicked me where most blokes prefer not to
get kicked and dropped me like a bag of the proverbial. I felt the
confidence ebbing out of me as I gingerly clutched my damaged manhood.
The pumper took me to a nearby medical centre, where I asked the doctor
to give me something for the pain but leave the swelling.
Come fight night, my confidence shattered, the Queenslander knocked me
out in the 3rd round. He got $200. I got a $7.00 trophy. I am now
waiting for Dave to get really really old so I can seek my eagerly
awaited revenge.

Paul de Haan
(Retired Firefighter)